Everyone needs to become familiar with lockdown training in the tumultuous and potentially hazardous social and political environment of today. The ability of educational facilities to potentially save the lives of students and staff members during catastrophes is particularly crucial.
This course teaches you everything you need to know about lockdowns, including their goals and objectives as well as the many circumstances in which they might be necessary.

We’ll go over all the sophisticated lockdown strategies and walk you through the entire planning procedure, which includes staff training, role-playing, and the designation of certain safety zones at your educational facility.

A comprehensive, thorough lockdown plan and a step-by-step procedural guide will also be provided, which you can modify to meet the unique requirements of your educational facility.

This is the best tool for developing, putting into practise, and training a lockdown approach that might save lives.

  • The aims and objectives of a lockdown and the circumstances that call for it
  • Advanced lockdown planning strategies and guidelines to remember
  • Educating and designating roles for your team in the case of a lockdown
  • A comprehensive lockdown strategy that may be altered to fit any type of educational setting

  • Because of your improved safety rating, more pupils will be drawn to you.
  • By giving your employees new skills, you will give them more power.
  • You will increase your educational facility's general functionality and security.

Unit 01: Introduction and Background

Unit 02: Advanced Planning and Staff Training

Unit 03: Lockdown Principles and Procedures

Unit 04: Full Lockdown Plan


Who can take the certification courses?

There are no prerequisites to enrol in the courses.

How much time is required to complete a course?

Depending on the instructional modules, each course has a different length. It is indicated in the course details for each course.

What is the course’s organisation?

Modules make up the course structure. The average study time for each module is between 20 and 90 minutes. The amount of time spent on each module is entirely up to the individual pupils.

When and where can the course be taken?

Any internet-connected device can be used to study the course at any time.

Is there a final exam for this course?

There would be an MCQ Multiple Choice Questionnaire test after all the modules were completed. The questions must be answered online at a time and place of your choosing, and they will be drawn from the modules.

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The test’s passing score is 70 percent.

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If the user didn’t pass the exam the first time, he/ she will have more chances to retake it after additional study. The exam can be taken more than once.