This course covers basic daily skills that ought to be used every day. Everyone must maintain excellent personal hygiene, keep the environment clean, and be knowledgeable about safety and emergency procedures. These behaviours are essential for both your self-image and the health and safety of all household members. Many people discover that this training aids in their readiness for the workforce. Each behaviour can mould a person into a responsible and trustworthy individual when it comes to matters of health, cleanliness, and safety.

To maintain a healthy, clean, and safe body and surroundings, health and safety skills are vital. The most crucial quality one needs to have in order to succeed and practise these talents is accountability. Every guideline and ability is geared towards the desired outcome. Skills in health and safety are crucial in accidents because they help everyone involved work more effectively by preventing injuries, lowering the possibility of exploitation, and empowering individuals.

Even if your house doubles as your office and your risk of exposure to hazards is low, it is crucial to make sure your home is clean.

  • The ability to maintain your health and safety
  • How to maintain cleanliness and good personal hygiene
  • How to prepare for emergencies and handle unforeseen circumstances

  • You may acquire common sense techniques that work in any circumstance.
  • Discover strategies for being organised and prepared in any situation.
  • Explain and comprehend the significance of wellbeing, safety, and readiness.

Unit 01: Safety Practices and Self-Care

Unit 02: Cleanliness and Hygiene

Unit 03: Emergency Readiness


Who can take the certification courses?

There are no prerequisites to enrol in the courses.

How much time is required to complete a course?

Depending on the instructional modules, each course has a different length. It is indicated in the course details for each course.

What is the course’s organisation?

Modules make up the course structure. The average study time for each module is between 20 and 90 minutes. The amount of time spent on each module is entirely up to the individual pupils.

When and where can the course be taken?

Any internet-connected device can be used to study the course at any time.

Is there a final exam for this course?

There would be an MCQ Multiple Choice Questionnaire test after all the modules were completed. The questions must be answered online at a time and place of your choosing, and they will be drawn from the modules.

What score must you get on the test to pass?

The test’s passing score is 70 percent.

What occurs if a user doesn’t pass the test?

If the user didn’t pass the exam the first time, he/ she will have more chances to retake it after additional study. The exam can be taken more than once.