In order to avoid crushing, violent outbursts, riots, and other potential situations that could happen when a big number of people are gathered together in one location, it is crucial to practise effective crowd management.

For anyone interested in crowd control or event planning, this course will highlight important factors. It will offer instructions on ensuring the security of the general public and developing emergency preparations.

  • When preparing crowd management strategies, you must take into account the three primary phases of an event.
  • What to do if more people are attempting to enter a facility than it can accommodate
  • How to make sure everyone in the crowd control team is aware of their responsibilities
  • How to create a strategy that accounts for all possible scenarios
  • How to communicate with outside parties to plan crowd management

  • This course will support your duty to protect public safety if you are organising a significant event.
  • This training will give you important safety knowledge if you work in a pitch like catering that puts you in contact with large crowds.
  • This course will provide you a basic overview of crowd management difficulties if you work in the security pitch.
  • This course will assist you in doing an assessment if your company is preparing for a significant event if you are responsible for performing risk assessments at work.

Unit 01: Crowd Management


Who can take the certification courses?

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There would be an MCQ Multiple Choice Questionnaire test after all the modules were completed. The questions must be answered online at a time and place of your choosing, and they will be drawn from the modules.

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