Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities, and it can have a significant impact on your ability to learn and participate in daily life.

The Dyslexia Awareness Certification is an excellent choice for educators, administrators, and even those in business, such as those in human resources or management.

Understanding dyslexia and its many manifestations can lead to more inclusive and positive work environments, as well as increased job satisfaction for those with dyslexia and those who work with them.

  • A history of dyslexia, including how it affects your life, its symptoms, and how others can help those who have dyslexia.
  • The theories underlying dyslexia's causes and neurological origins, as well as how it is diagnosed;
  • An overview of the various types of dyslexia and their treatments;
  • The impact of dyslexia on phonetic learning, speech, and literacy, as well as your ability to write, spell, speak, and listen;
  • A look at the relationship between brain function, dyslexia, and creativity, with a focus on music, art, and writing.
  • The complexities of adult dyslexia, its impact on work life, and coping skills;
  • Learning difficulties that are frequently found alongside dyslexia, such as ADHD, and how they interact with one another;
  • Treatment and support for those with dyslexia, with a focus on children, in terms of speech therapy and medications used to treat the symptoms;
  • A legal overview of dyslexia, including how it is classified as a disability, the laws that apply to people with disabilities in the UK, and how those laws apply in work and school.

  • The course material can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, and at a pace that is convenient for your staff.
  • The modules are designed to promote ease of learning, ensuring that your staff fully understands and benefits from the course material.
  • The promotion of inclusive work environments, as well as opportunities for professional development for those in people-focused positions;
  • At the end of the programme, your staff will be awarded a certification that can be used to demonstrate your organization's qualifications and service standards.

Unit 01: What is Dyslexia?

  • To comprehend dyslexia;
  • To learn about the symptoms of dyslexia;
  • To comprehend how dyslexia affects other aspects of life;
  • To learn about different people in the community who can assist those with dyslexia;

Unit 02: The Causes and Diagnosis of Dyslexia

Unit 03: Types of Dyslexia

Unit 04: Dyslexia and Phonics

Unit 05: Dyslexia and Writing and Spelling

Unit 06: Dyslexia, Speaking and Listening

Unit 07: Dyslexia and Mathematics

Unit 08: Dyslexia and Science

Unit 09: Dyslexia and Creativity

Unit 10: Dyslexia for ESL (English as a Second Language) Learners

Unit 11: Living and Working with Dyslexia as an Adult

Unit 12: Co-Occurring Conditions with Dyslexia

Unit 13: Treatments and Support for Dyslexia

Unit 14: Dyslexia and the Law


Who can take the certification courses?

There are no prerequisites to enrol in the courses.

How much time is required to complete a course?

Depending on the instructional modules, each course has a different length. It is indicated in the course details for each course.

What is the course’s organisation?

Modules make up the course structure. The average study time for each module is between 20 and 90 minutes. The amount of time spent on each module is entirely up to the individual pupils.

When and where can the course be taken?

Any internet-connected device can be used to study the course at any time.

Is there a final exam for this course?

There would be an MCQ Multiple Choice Questionnaire test after all the modules were completed. The questions must be answered online at a time and place of your choosing, and they will be drawn from the modules.

What score must you get on the test to pass?

The test’s passing score is 70 percent.

What occurs if a user doesn’t pass the test?

If the user didn’t pass the exam the first time, he/ she will have more chances to retake it after additional study. The exam can be taken more than once.